Why Choose Harvey Windows

Energy Efficient Glazing Featuring PPG Intercept®

Harvey windows and patio doors feature the PPG Intercept® "Warm-Edge" spacer system. Intercept® is a unique, seamless coated steel U-channel system developed by PPG Industries which is located at the point of contact where the glass is sealed to the window frame. The U-channel spacer bar is manufactured as one continuous piece, providing excellent structural integrity and superior thermal performance. PPG Intercept® "Warm-Edge" technology also provides 10% warmer indoor glass edge temperatures and outstanding argon gas retention, a higher R-value, and excellent condensation resistance.


Low-emittance (Low-E) is a coating that increases a window or door's ability to diminish heat transfer, thus saving heating and cooling costs. In addition to energy savings, Low-E also effectively reduces the amount of transmitted ultraviolet light which can damage carpets, fabrics, and drapes. Harvey uses Solarban® 60 Low-E Glass from PPG Industries which is ideal for any climate throughout the U.S.

Low-E/Argon Gas

We combine PPG Intercept®, Low-E Glass and Argon gas between the glass for superior thermal efficiency. Argon gas is much heavier than air, making it more difficult for warm or cold air to pass through. This glazing choice will meet or exceed most local building code requirements and provides ENERGY STAR® qualified performance.


U-value measures the rate of non-solar heat transfer from one side of the window to the other. Heat transfer causes both heat loss during cold weather and heat gain during hot summer months. The lower the U-value, the better the performance of the window. For a window to be considered "Energy star rated" it must have a “U” factor of 0.3 or less.

Air Infiltration

Air Infiltration is air leaking in and out of a window or door. It is measured in units of cubic feet per minute per square foot of window area (cfm/sq. ft.). The lower a window's air infiltration rating, the more efficient the window.


R-value measures the resistance of the window materials to heat flow. As opposed to U value a high R-value window has a greater resistance to heat flow and a higher insulating value than a window with a low R-value.

Harvey Balance System

The Block & Tackle Balance System:

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Is individually pre-calibrated on each Harvey window for easy operation
  • Heavy duty nylon cord ensures a dependable and durable operating system.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Harvey Vinyl Windows are warranted for residential installations as follows:

Lifetime Warranty

The extruded, solid vinyl members, screening, and component mechanical parts, including locks, keepers, balances, and sash retainers are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for as long as the original purchaser owns and resides in the house in which they are installed.

Twenty Year Glass Warranty

Insulating Glass is warranted 100% against material obstruction of transparency resulting from film formation or dust collection on the interior surfaces for a period of ten years. The warranty is pro-rated to 50% in years 11-15, and 25% in years 16-20.

How to choose Replacement Windows

Energy Savings

  • Invest in a window that has earned the ENERGY STAR.
  • Windows with a warm-edge spacer system reduce heat loss and condensation.
  • Multi-chambered vinyl extrusions give added insulating protection and strength.

Maintenance Free

  • A top-of-the-line block and tackle balance system will operate smoothly and never need adjustment or lubrication.
  • Vinyl windows will never need painting.
  • Look for windows that tilt in for easy cleaning.


  • Windows with a sleek design allow for maximum glass area and have a less bulky appearance.
  • Attractive, low profile hardware will draw attention to what s outside rather than what's on the window.
  • Insist on true white vinyl - some vinyl windows may have an unattractive "blue-ish" tint.


  • Choose a window with adequate wall thickness and multi-chamber construction.
  • Heavy-duty hardware and components are a must to ensure a lifetime of performance.


  • Choose a company with a solid reputation and a history of standing behind its products.
  • A warranty is only as good as the company behind it.


  • Select a company that allows you to illustrate your individual style whether it be through colors, hardware, grid configurations or designer shapes.
  • Aside from aesthetic options, it is important to have functionality options such as screens and glazing.

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